1. Murder the Son

From the recording The Anxiety Effect E.P.

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You don't know, he hates you
Because your blind eyes are never seeing
These four walls he's confined to
Keep him away from all your deceiving
Bring in a brand new life
Reboot the world that he lives in
Ignore him, repress him
Then tell me that you are willing to...

Walk with me
Cautiously through your conscience
And tell me it's not guilty
And there's no way I will find it
Talk with me, soulfully
Through your conscience
I know that it is guilty
And I'm gonna fuckin' find it

This room is vacated
It seems to be what you've always needed
He feels like he's hated
Because the emptiness is never feeded
Shove the son to the streets
Leave him to fend for himself with
Nothing but hopeless dreams
Then tell me that you are willing to

Walk with me
Through your conscience
And show me where it's guilty
'Cause you know I'm gonna find it
Talk with me
Through your conscience
Because it is so guilty, you're never gonna leave it

Walk with me
Talk with me
You seem to forget where the boundaries lie and now
Nothing seems to work, nothing seems to please
Everything is done from your fuckin' knees
Come and preach to me about the things you see
The ignorance, beautiful brutality
Your pride is dead and I am now
Facing this world all alone

Your the ones who keep trying to steal my perfect life

Murder the son
Here's the gun
Show him that he means nothing
Murder the son
He's the one
Who can not have it all
Murder the son
Here's the gun
Show me that I mean nothing
Murder the son
I'm the one that seems to ruin it all
I won't revise my own history
None of the past will be a mystery
You try to kill the spikes of liberty
If you don't like what you see
Well then, fuck you both