1. The Entity

From the recording The Anxiety Effect E.P.


Well I've made my bed and slept in it.
And I've never done anything that I've been told.
I Play the game, while you hold all control.
Cut these strings from within this prison.
I am not living my life on parole.
I'll quit the game, and you'll loose all control.

Sometimes, you have to face the mirror.
Sometimes you have to face your fear.
The real world is out to fuck with me.
And that's when I felt the presence of the entity.
It showed me, the ways that I could walk.
It told, me the ways I need to talk.
The right answers where always shared with me.
Life is great in the presence of the entity.

No more thinking that I am human.
No more thinking my life is whole.
I've joined the game, and you stole all control.
I'm the lowest shit in existence.
Just an empty shell, no thought, heart, or soul.
This is the game that you proudly control.

The one time I tried to break the chain.
Gain self respect and be humane.
I got told that nothings all I'll ever be.
Even if I stayed inside with the entity.
No reason to stay and play the game.
But I can't gain back control.
All I do is hang my head in shame.
It's time, I have to make a change.
Today's the day I break the mirror.
Stand up and overcome this fear.
Nothings ever gonna be the same for me.
'Cause I plan to kill this mother fucking entity.

No choice but to stay and play the game.
Cause I want back my control.
No one but myself is here to blame.
And I know that this is all because of the entity.
You are my only enemy.
This is gonna be the end of me.
You're gonna be the end of me.
And I feel like there's no way out .
My plan has failed and I can see that there's no way out.
Godfather, show me through the door that's in front of me.

God, I fucking despise you.
But you still approach me.
Hand in hand, bare the hug, grit the teeth, and pretend that I know, you're not the fucking entity.
I stand before you.
You stand before me.
The first one to put the blade to the throat wins the game, takes the blame, and eliminates the shame.

I get up, stand up, to fight.
Now I've gained back control.
Better run, better hide, better do what you can.
Cause motherfucker, you're the entity and I'm playing God.
No more thinking that am worthless.
No more thinking that I am nothing.
No more letting everybody down.
Cause of every mother fuckin' thing the entity has done to me.
Never find the feeling of depression.
No more thoughts of suicide obsession.
I am proud of who I am now.
Cause of everything the mother fuckin' entity has said to me.
I'm a man, and more then you will ever be.
I have seen the things that you will never see.
I have this new lease on life.
Cause of everything, cause of everything.
Fuck you, you entity.