From the recording The Anxiety Effect E.P.

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Welcome to the city of dysfunction
Where all the eyes look down on me
The circle's broke
Such a joke with the way they provoke
You fuckers call this a family?
How I've watched you over the years
Wiped the blood and the tears
And with a vengeance I will kill your fears
With unyielding anger

Broken home sets the tone
And she's all alone in a room of desire
She says her prayers, nothings wrong
But she doesn't belong
You fuckin' know he's a liar
Now, with the anger I could display
You better have nothing to say
'Cause if you do your ass will be dragged away

Who the fuck are you to tell me that the way I live my life is wrong
When you don't know your own children?
You're to busy bangin' your molesting prince charming
And poppin' all your pills
God, I hope you fuckin' choke
And I hate you for everything that you never did for them
And I hate you for everything that you never did for me
And I hate you for every time that you've said you're fuckin' better then me
Fuckin' better then me!?
You're all
To me...

You will grow confused
(Come with me innocent child)
Let me take you away from this fucking hell
(Wipe away the tears of sorrow)
What he's done to you he will never tell
(You will not be victim to all of this vengeance)
It's something that you shouldn't even witness
Instead we're gonna make him regret this
And end all your misery