FREE Music Downloads Now Available!

We have been quiet over the last couple months, and for that we are sorry! Life in general gets in the way at times, and because of that, music sometimes has to be put on the back burner. Having said that. there are two questions we keep getting hit with: 

  1. When is the next song getting released? And... 
  2. When will you be taking bookings for shows? 

When we released our new track 'Lockdown' this past May, we were releasing it as just a studio band. We have not had any plans to go live on any shows or tours at this time. This can always change of course. We never say never. For now though, we have no plans to take bookings for live events. We just want to release new music through the power of the internet, and hope you all share and enjoy our music with the rest of the world!  

We want to thank everyone for the continued patience and support! As a big thank you, and to add to the festive season, all digital versions of ALL of our songs are available here on our website for FREE! You read that right - All the tracks from our original E.P. as well as our latest single 'Lockdown' are all 100% free! Simply head to the Music page and download them. We encourage you to give these MP3s away to everyone and anyone who will enjoy them!

We will post updates soon regarding the be song releases. We are currently upgrading pieces of gear in our studio to get back to work soon! Thanks again for the continued support!

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