'The Fall' Has Officially Released! 

Our newest single titled 'The Fall' is officially here!!! You can purchase it from top music sites such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon.com, and dozens of others! It is also available as a FREE download right here on our website! Just CLICK HERE to go to the music page and download it!

We can not thank you all for the continued support! The social media buzz for this release has been amazing! Keep checking back for updates on our next release, which we have started tracking in the studio already!

New Single 'The Fall' Releasing In March! 

We are excited to officially announce that our next single titled 'The Fall' is set to release in March 2018! We are once again working with producer and mixing engineer Ben Schigel at Spider Studios, who is well known in the metal world for producing 5 albums from Chimaira!

'The Fall' will be available as a FREE mp3 download right here on our website, as well as available on all major music service sites such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and more. We want to thank you all for the continued support, and patience! We can't wait to get this new track out to you all!

FREE Music Downloads Now Available! 

We have been quiet over the last couple months, and for that we are sorry! Life in general gets in the way at times, and because of that, music sometimes has to be put on the back burner. Having said that. there are two questions we keep getting hit with: 

  1. When is the next song getting released? And... 
  2. When will you be taking bookings for shows? 

When we released our new track 'Lockdown' this past May, we were releasing it as just a studio band. We have not had any plans to go live on any shows or tours at this time. This can always change of course. We never say never. For now though, we have no plans to take bookings for live events. We just want to release new music through the power of the internet, and hope you all share and enjoy our music with the rest of the world!  

We want to thank everyone for the continued patience and support! As a big thank you, and to add to the festive season, all digital versions of ALL of our songs are available here on our website for FREE! You read that right - All the tracks from our original E.P. as well as our latest single 'Lockdown' are all 100% free! Simply head to the Music page and download them. We encourage you to give these MP3s away to everyone and anyone who will enjoy them!

We will post updates soon regarding the be song releases. We are currently upgrading pieces of gear in our studio to get back to work soon! Thanks again for the continued support!

August Update 

It has been a few weeks since we posted an update for you all, but we have been working on tracks for 2 new songs. Vocals have been started on the first song, with the music portion being polished on the other. Progress has slowed a bit with some personal events getting in the way, but a new release is indeed in the works! We want to thank you all for the patience and continued support!

The positive feedback we have received for our latest single "Lockdown" has been overwhelming!  You can purchase the track directly from us on our Music Page or on other top music websites such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

Check back often for details on the next release! To get direct updates from us delivered to your e-mail inbox, sign up for the mailing list using the form at the top of the page!

Studio Update - 6-22-2017 

We were back at Speil Splash Studio with another productive night tonight. Ground work for new music has been laid out, and more vocal tracks were put down. CLICK HERE to sign up for our mailing list to get exclusive details on our next single to be released in the coming weeks!

You can check out the video below from our YouTube channel to hear a work-in-progress snipet of one of the new tunes! Enjoy!

Buy our newest single 'Lockdown' - Available now! 

We are excited to announce that our newest single 'Lockdown' is now available! You can purchase it directly from us on the MUSIC page, or you can get it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and several other online retailers. Click the icons below to buy your copy from your favorite music service now!!!

New website - New Music! 

Welcome to the new website for The Anxiety Effect! We are excited to announce that after a 4 year hiatus, we are back with a new lineup and new music is on the way! Vocalist John Lockwood and drummer Geoff Greenman return to the lineup, and new guitarist Jon Mongillo joins the fold. There will be a heavy online pursuit of digital music releases coming soon!

The last 3 months we have been at Speil Splash Studio writing and recording new music. Bass player Mario Nobilio (formerly of the UFC theme song performing artists STEMM) has been recording bass tracks for us.

Our first single 'Lockdown' is set to release soon on all major digital retail outlets including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Music, CDbaby, and many more! The track was mixed and mastered by Ben Schigel of Spider Studios (producer of albums from Chimaira). You can preview the track by using the music player at the bottom of the page, or you can listen to it on our MUSIC page! Check back often for details on the official release date! You can join our e-mailing list for instant news and updates.



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